Viatar CTC Solutions Inc. is a medical technology company focused on the treatment of patients with metastatic cancer.

Viatar Therapeutic Oncopheresis System

The Company's lead product, the Viatar® Therapeutic Oncopheresis System, removes circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from whole blood using label-free cross-flow filtration. It is designed to be used as a periodic therapy to improve overall survival for a wide range of solid tumor cancer types, such as lung, breast, colon, prostate, and gastric cancers.
Robust test pipeline focused on metastatic cancers including breast, prostate and gastric

Upcoming milestones:
- CE Mark
- Pilot human clinical study
- Commercial sales

Liquid Biopsy Diagnostics

The proprietary technology underlying the Viatar Therepeutic Oncopheresis System also powers the Company's liquid biopsy products. These are collection systems for use by genetic testing companies, researchers, and medical oncologists, which provide a greater quantity and purity of circulating tumor cells for molecular analysis and personalized medicine objectives. The Company’s liquid biopsy products are currently generating revenue, and sales are expected to increase in the coming quarters.



Viatar’s Mission and Commitment

Our mission is to make metastatic cancer a chronic rather than fatal disease, and to reduce the cost of cancer care to healthcare systems.

Target cost is $15,000 annually versus $200,000 for new immunotherapy drugs.

Our commitment is to periodically reduce our pricing, so that Viatar’s therapy will always be affordable.




We are headquartered in Lowell, MA just across from the National Park Service’s historic Boott Cotton Mills Museum. We began operations in 2008, and have been focused solely on oncology products since 2013.