Viatar CTC Solutions Inc. is a medical technology company focused on developing and marketing products to collect cancer cells for analysis by other technology platforms and to remove cancer cells as a therapy; both of which are based on the principle of removing blood-borne circulating tumor cells (CTCs). These CTCs detach from solid tumors and enter the bloodstream carrying the DNA of the tumor and seeding new tumors. CTCs are rare and difficult to distinguish from other blood cells. However, we believe our technology is substantially more effective, both in a sensitivity and specificity context, at removing CTCs when compared to other available CTC capture technologies.

We are seeking to commercialize three products which utilize our proprietary CTC removal technology.

Therapeutic Oncopheresis

The Viatar®Therapeutic Oncopheresis System is designed to remove CTCs from a patient’s blood as a new cancer therapy for metastatic disease. Secondary tumors are responsible for 90% of cancer deaths, yet there are no effective or low-cost treatments. Unlike chemotherapy drugs and immunotherapy vaccines, which seek to treat metastatic cancer by targeting specific cells or pathways, the Viatar®Therapeutic Oncopheresis System seeks to reduce the tumor burden by the wholesale removal of CTCs via size-based filtration (similar to removal of toxins by dialysis). We believe this can augment the body’s immune system and slow the disease’s progression, thereby making some types of metastatic cancer a chronic rather than fatal condition.

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Liquid Biopsy Products

The Viatar® Molecular Diagnostics System is designed to collect and purify a statistically significant quantity of CTCs from up to 50 mL of blood as the “front end” for single cell DNA sequencing and other genetic analysis technologies used for research and to determine which drugs are suitable for a particular patient’s disease. Due to the rapidly declining cost of DNA sequencing, it is gaining favor as the technology of choice for research and new drug development related to the many variants of mutations in cancer cells. This analysis is critical in understanding the complex biology of cancer as the disease progresses, developing new drugs and crafting a personalized approach to treatment.

Our system is unique because it collects a far greater absolute quantity of CTCs from circulating blood (up to 50 mL, instead of just 10 mL or less) while also enhancing purity by reducing the number of white blood cells. The filter used in this application was recently chosen and is being incorporated into another company’s CTC device for up to 10 mL of blood.

The Viatar® Oncopheresis Liquid Biopsy System is designed for researchers and oncologists who seek to analyze CTCs from a very large volume liquid biopsy. It will collect and purify a massive quantity of CTCs from up to 10 liters of blood (the entire body's blood volume twice) for input into next generation DNA sequencing instruments. It will be a less expensive and burdensome solution to the current approach of using leukapheresis to collect CTCs, which entails first removing and discarding the buffy coat (which contains all of a patient’s white blood cells, platelets, albumin and other vital blood components). By contrast, the Viatar® Oncopheresis Liquid Biopsy System is aimed at separating primarily just CTCs, while returning to the patient virtually all of their white blood cells, platelets and albumin. Its advantages will include being less expensive than leukapheresis and being repeatable at more frequent intervals, so that researchers and oncologists can obtain much more timely information about disease progression and response to a given therapy.

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